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Reliability and simplicity combine to give the HurriClean™ Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner top-notch, effortless cleaning power. HurriClean™ will remove dirt, twigs, leaves and debris from any above ground pool regardless of shape or depth. Frees you from the chore of vacuuming! Since there is only one moving part, HurriClean will give you years of maintenance free operation.

Simply plug the unit's hose into your skimmer and HurriClean™ cleans your pool with ease. Intermittent pulses of water move the cleaner randomly around your pool covering the entire pool, regardless of the shape or size. Comes complete with 32' of hose; adjust length to pool size for best performance. 1 yr warranty.
Easy to install and operate
No vacuum bags to clean or replace
No gears or wheels to wear out or malfunction
Inexpensive alternative to vacuuming by hand
Connects to your skimmer line. Powered by the pool's pump & filter
Rugged construction provides years of effortless cleaning
Comes with 32 ft. hose